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Welcome to our About Us page.
Here you find information about us and how our business all began.

Disc Jockeys - Tammy and Joe

Hello, my name is Joe. I am the owner and founder of Eclipse Unlimited Entertainment. My wife Tammy, a professional photographer is my partner.  We have two young children, a boy and girl, who we love and adore more than life itself. I always had a full-time office job, but that wasn't enough I wanted more, I wanted to do something fun and something I am good at. For years, I was a backup dj for other companies, so one day I took it upon myself to go out on my own. I love music, dancing and I am a karaoke fanatic!!  I really wanted to see if I could provide a good, entertaining karaoke and disc jockey service for all. In December 2007, my wife and I started our own dj company.  Not knowing how fast our business was going to start off, our business is one of the finest in Pittsburgh and we are highly recommended. Because of my experience, personality and my ambition towards music; I am now a professional disc jockey and master of ceremonies for weddings and events. My public speaking voice is one of a kind!! I specialize in weddings for young and old because that is what I do best!!

Hello, my name is Tammy. I am the co-owner and partner of Eclipse Unlimited Entertainment. Besides spending quality time with my love ones and my friends; I love to go camping, write poetry, play bingo and cards. Currently, I am a web host and Photo Booth Attendant and Owner and Founder of for our sister business Eclipse Unlimited Photo Booths/Pittsburgh Photo Booth R Us. But that's not all....During the times I would accompany Joe to events, I would do my part in assisting him and also take photos. Joe's profession got easier for him and I wasn't always needed. So one day, I decided to do some research about photography. I took it upon herself to study it and eventually after learning a lot, I developed a passion for it.  As I got more involved, it became a natural talent for me and my work has gotten me farther than I ever would have imagined. That being said, we added my photography services to our dj services, they do compliment each other very well!! I also do other types of photography from self portraits, family gatherings to huge corporate events and everything in between. As you see, not only is our business growing but we are very successful and we are very proud of what our businesses has become.  

Rick Guzel - portfolio and info - coming soon